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2018 CSV Scholarship Winners

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Coach Bill Scholarship $1000
Winner: Shaina Snyder

Club Solano Scholarship $300
Winner: Joy Fukushima
Winner: Tiana Heffernan

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HEY SENIORS! Club Solano offers the Coach Bill Scholarship and the Club Solano Scholarship award. If you would like to win some scholarship money for college, fill out the application.

Coach Bill Scholarship $1000
Club Solano Scholarship $500

Please be aware of the timelines! Don’t delay!

CSV Boys

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Club Solano Volleyball has just wrapped up it’s inaugural season for Boy’s Volleyball. The 14U boys played their final tournament, the Regional Championships in San Mateo, and finished the two day tournament with a 5-2 record. This gave them 13th overall ranking for the NCVA 14U division. This was a great start considering this was the first year most of the boys have ever played volleyball. These boys were like a sponge and worked hard every week and it showed. They remained right in the middle of the Silver Division the whole season. Setter Gage Campbell was solid all season. His height and being a lefty helped us pickup many extra points with some nice dumps. We would also go on some really nice runs while he was serving. Playing opposite was Caden Spencer. Caden was one of our solid passers and one of the season leaders in aces. Our middle blockers, Joe McKee and Jack Nygard were walls in the middle. Joe led the team in blocks for the season while Jack was one of our “go to” guys for kills the whole season. Playing outside was Michael McBride and Blake Ivovic. Michael was probably one our most well rounded players from passing, serving, and hitting. Blake was playing for the first time and was really starting to put the balls away near the end. Both outside hitters were also main passers and were instrumental in our great season. Our libero, Noah Yi was the team leader in digs and one of our most consistent serve receivers. Even at the age of 11, I was getting comments about his skills in that position from refs and other coaches (No NCVC, you can’t have him next season). Finally Nathan Jose was our young one filling in all of the positions. This young man with a great attitude, was only 10 years old and hanging with the team all season. He still has 4 more years in this division and plenty of time to grow. It was an absolute pleasure to coach Club Solano’s first ever boys team. These boys will always be able to look back and say they were a part of Club Solano’s first ever boy’s team! In conclusion, I have a couple thanks… We had a great group of parents this season. Thanks for your positivity with me and the boys. Thanks to coach Brett and Salomon for helping with some of the practices this season. Thanks to our team mom, Alana Yi for your organization with the tournaments and helping with the boy’s activities. Finally, thanks to Club Solano Director, Wayne, for getting this program off the ground and giving me this opportunity! Great job boys! We’ll see you next fall for possibly two teams!

Coach Dalston

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CSV Juniors

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The CSV Juniors program was started in 2013 to provide an affordable opportunity for young volleyball players ages 8 to 18 to play, learn, and enjoy the game of volleyball on a weekly basis. The CSV Junior Program is ideal for both players just starting out in the fun and challenging sport of volleyball and for those players looking to improve their volleyball skills in preparation for trying out for their school or club team in the future. The program is targeted at two groups of young volleyball players. The first is players in the 8 to 12 age group that are interested in playing volleyball for the first time. The program provides a fun and stress free atmosphere for a new player to learn the game of volleyball- passing, setting, hitting, serving and footwork. Our goals for this group is to learn, improve and have fun.

The second target group is for players in the 13 to 18 age group that have some experience playing volleyball and want to continue to develop and improve their volleyball skills , but are not playing on a club team. These are often players that play multiple sports or are involved in other school activities and were not able to commit to playing club volleyball, but would still like to keep improving and developing as a volleyball player. The CSV Junior Program can also provide a good transition for these players that are looking to improve their volleyball skills to the point where they can successfully make their school or club volleyball team next season. A number of players that participated in the CSV Junior Program in 2018 made this transition to either a club team or their school team.

Program participants are grouped by both a combination of age and relative volleyball skills and experience. Players that are just starting out are grouped together so that they can practice, learn and improve with players of similar abilities. More advanced players that are interested will be organized into groups based on age and skill levels in order to scrimmage with Club Solano teams of similar age and skills and potentially to participate in a volleyball tournament at the end of the program. The CSV Junior Program runs for 16 weeks for the affordable price of $450.00 for all 16 sessions and the price can be prorated for those participants that sign up late. Experienced CSV or local high school coaches and former high school and CSV players run the CSV Juniors Program. The program provides the flexibility for families that may have family vacations planned and you need to miss a session or two. The CSV Junior Program is designed to provide an avenue to get more players playing the fun and challenging sport of volleyball.